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About the Organization

KIRUCODO Currently

The Organization is in Special status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN since 2011.

Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with NGO Board (S. 5914/ 6476) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration statute, 1989. Further, the Organization is incorporated as a Non-Profit group under Section 16(1) of the Companies Act with Reg. No. 109960. The Organization was formed mainly to focus on Rural Communities development in various sectors for self empowerment.

History of KIRUCODO

Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization started by a small group of rural people who were then running small income generating activities (SIGA) so as to earn daily income for self sustainability within Kikandwa Village Local Council-1, an area with devastating social and economic implications include but not limited to lower literacy level, lower employment rate, poor hygienic conditions, increasing poverty, lack of healthy care centers, women and children human rights abuses, and many others.
Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organisation was formed on 6th July 2000. In February 2006 the group resolved to take further step in registering their group as a local Non-Governmental Organisation. Further on 8th Nov. 2006, the registration certificate (NGO Reg. No. S. 5914/6476) was granted to the group under the names of Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization. On 9th July 2009 the Organization got incorporated as a company Limited by Guarantee.

As the Organization gains its sharp, the following components have been put in place for effective operation:

  • Community Development Component
  • Networking Component
  • Education Component