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Water Tank Project

The area in which KIRUCODO operates encompasses 56 villages and a population of approximately 33,000 within Kyampisi sub-county of Mukuno District. Only 27 wells exist in the area, none of which are equipped with distribution capability or surface stand taps. KIRUCODO estimates that over 80% of residents, approximately 27,000 people, are not using these wells and have no access to an Improved Water Supply as defined by the United Nations (UN) but depend on open sources for their water.

As we have explored ways to provide solutions, we received information from the “Tools with a Mission” organisation of the UK which contains plans for 1500L and 3000L water storage tanks which can be constructed easily by local volunteers. This information excited us as the tanks seem to be a very good solution that is fairly easy to implement using local volunteer labour and material.

This project intended to provide KIRUCODO residents and schools access to an Improved Water Supply that will meet the World Health Organisation recommended 20 Litres of Water / household occupant / day 100% of the year (365 days).

This project utilizes Roof-water Harvesting (RWH) using storage tanks (Tanks) to collect rainwater from roof run-off. The Tanks employed is a single 1500L or 3000L capacity Ferrocement tanks installed in situ and utilizing rainwater collected from adjacent roofs via pipes feeding from roof gutters. Water is drawn from the Tanks via a tap located at the bottom of the tank.

Providing safe and clean water across the area is a high priority area for us and is the subject of a major project we want to expand to communities in need of water for domestic use. For more information about what has been done please browse up this link. 

Again, we still need partners to support this project financially.