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Team Memebers


Robert Kibaya
My name is Robert Kibaya and I was born in a small village called Nabuti in Mukono District Uganda on July 8, 1978. 

Once of age, I started kindergarten in Mukono District .  It was during 1985, a time of conflict.  My father transferred me to a school (Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School) in his home village called Kikandwa.  

Life in Kikandwa Village for a school child was miserable as the school lacked many things.  Thank God I remained focused and was able to prosper even with the hardships all of us faced.

The conflict ended in 1991 and I was transferred to another school (Bishops East Primary School).  This is where I completed my Primary School Education in 1993.  I managed to finish this school with good grades, despite the fact that my glass-root school was academically poor due to lack of basic scholastic materials.

After my Primary school, I joined Kololo Senior Secondary school for my Ordinary level education from 1994 to 1997.  While there I scored highly in Science subjects. 

I then joined Bugema Adventist College from 1999 to 2000, for my Advanced level education where I took up a subject combination in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Sub-Mathematics. Praise God that even though I studied through much hardship, I managed to score highly in the Advanced level. 

I was then considered for the government sponsorship for my University level schooling.  I majored in Science Technology of Biological Sciences at Kyambogo University, which I attended from 2001 to 2003.

After all I endured during my educational life, I could not forget the kind of life I lived in my rural school (Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School).  We use to go hungry, we were bare-footed, lacked teachers, had poor hygienic conditions, lacked reading materials, had glass-roofed classrooms, and walked on cow dung floors.  That is just the beginning of the things we suffered in Kikandwa Village.

Through all of my education, I had a big dream to help Kikandwa Village and other rural areas that were poverty stricken. I wanted to help them in whatever ways I could.  I had a strong need to help people in Rural areas, mostly kids and women.  Their voices are not heard as they are marginalized based on their education level and economic standard yet they make a greater contribution to the Country and its development. 

My mission is to empower the rural kids with a good education in a better structured environment.  While at the same time, creating micro-income activities for their families in order for them to have self empowerment rights while at the grassroots.


Executive Members

John Musisi – Chairman, Co-Founder

Vicky Iyikoru – Vice Chairman

Edward Kiddu – Treasurer, Co-Founder