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Elderly Support Program

In Uganda and Africa in general, over 95% of the elderly people live in rural communities to carry out agriculture as well as taking care of the grand children of their deceased or dependent children, etc.

The elderly have very great contribution to the development of our communities but sad to say, they are not catered for by policy makers and they always have to struggle very hard on their own in order to survive. Most of the elderly have no enough strength to cultivate land and so they need assistance and care at all time.

This program is being supported by Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church members of Austin Texas USA and we have so far reached out to about 950 elderly people in Mukono and Mitiyana Districts. For more information about this project visit up this link.

Lastly, we still need partners to help us deliver to the elderly in terms of:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Medical Assistance
  • Human Rights Protection