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Poultry Production

This Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church-sponsored project kick-started in 2014 with two cages of chickens delivered at Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School (Check Blog Post) and another one at KIRUCODO offices in Kikandwa Village (Check this Blog Post) and (Also check this Blog Post).

The Global Nutrition Report 2017 calls for nutrition to be placed at the heart of efforts to end poverty, fight diseases, raise educational standards and tackle climate change.

According to Akinwumi Adesina President of African Development Bank, Africa’s economic progress is being undermined by hunger, malnutrition and stunting, which cost at least US$25 billion annually in sub-Saharan Africa, and leave a lasting legacy of loss, pain and ruined potential. Stunted children today lead to stunted economies tomorrow.

Over 75% of the population in Sub-Sahara Africa depends on Agriculture as main source of income and daily food supply. However, with the growing population, land for agriculture is becoming minimal and demand for food is rapidly increasing every now and then. Keeping small animals and birds is the best strategy for providing affordable protein-rich food to the rural poor households.

This project is still ongoing and it has imparted skills to over 1000 people in Small-Scale Profitable poultry keeping. For more updates about this project feel free to join our Home of Kuroilers Facebook Group.